Small furniture

Andersen Stool U1

DESIGN: Christian Juhl

The Andersen U1 stool is a fun and different stool, which has just been launched by Andersen Furniture. The stool is designed by Christian Juhl, who has combined wood and metal on a new and non-traditional way.

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DESIGN: SPARK by Thomas Pedersen

Attractive, decorative shelf in solid oak. The shelf is available in three different sizes and can be used in a multitude of contexts.

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Wood Wall shelf

DESIGN: Andersen Furniture

Wood Wall is an exciting new shelf with leather straps. Contemporary and elegant, it fits perfectly in most settings.

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Tray Table


This beautiful tray table is designed by byKato. The trays are made of solid ash in four colour options. Choose between ash, petroleum, grey and black.

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Clothes Rack

DESIGN: Lasse Sortkjær

Clothes Rack is designed according to the Nordic design traditions of creating functional, stylish furniture for the contemporary home.

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Mill - Coat stand

DESIGN: Mikkel Vandborg

Mill is a unique and unusual coat stand that goes perfectly in any contemporary home. As a sculptural object, it is as beautiful covered with clothes as it is completely bare.

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Egglight - Pendant light

DESIGN: Mikkel Vandborg

Egglight is designed with a view to creating a beautiful decorative object, whether switched on or off, and to ensuring the functional requirements of a pendant light are met.

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