T2 Table

Design: Andersen Furniture

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The T2 table has an exciting design and an elegant sub-frame that shows off its beautiful carpentry. What makes this table really stand out however is its special integrated flip extension system, which simply and easily allows the user to extend the table with one or two extra leaves according to their needs and wishes. The leaves are integrated into the table and to extend it you simply pull at the table ends and the plates tilt up. This makes it very easy to handle the extra leaves and also means that you don't have to worry about where to store them.

The beautiful and practical T2 comes with a durable laminate tabletop and solid wood manufactured frame. The extra leaves each measure 50 cm.



95 x 220 x H74,5 cm

The extension leaves are each 50 cm.



  • Alpino

  • Capri

  • Clementine

  • Dali

  • Diamond Black

  • Doeskin

  • Iron

  • Ocean Grey

  • Pale Gold

  • Pale Olive

  • Silver

  • Fenix black



  • Oak whiteoil

  • Oak oil

  • Oak smoked oil

  • Oak soap

  • Black

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