Press Release December 2021

Andersen Furniture acquires Randers+Radius

15 months have passed since Andersen Furniture changed its name to Design Concept Denmark. The name change was made in connection with the acquisition of the furniture and interior brand Muubs in the autumn of 2020. Design Concept Denmark is now acquiring Randers+Radius as part of its strategy to increase its activities in commercial furniture.

It has been a busy time since Andersen Furniture acquired Muubs in Herning. The period has been used purposefully and with a persistent effort to develop the potential for synergies and efficiency in this “blended family”. This integration has been superb in every aspect, and both Muubs and Andersen Furniture have experienced substantial growth over the past 15 months. Now Randers+Radius is next in line.

Randers+Radius – an exciting company within commercial furniture
Randers+Radius designs and manufactures furniture primarily for the contract market. The company is located in Hadsten, north of Aarhus and only about 10 kilometres from Design Concept Denmark’s head office in Hinnerup.
The acquisition of Randers+Radius was a crucial part of the newly adopted strategy of Design Concept Denmark. Commercial furniture is one of the areas where Design Concept Denmark wants to invest heavily in the coming years. The strong chair range from Randers+Radius especially complements the meeting tables of Andersen Furniture, in a way that strengthens the overall product range to a significant degree. On the whole, both Randers+Radius and Andersen Furniture have an attractive product range for the contract market, and now products, competencies and know-how are brought together in one.

An attractive constellation for all parties
For the two owners of Randers+Radius, Niels Kastrup and Lars Andersen, the decision to be acquired by Design Concept Denmark was not as difficult as one might imagine when it comes to handing over the work of a lifetime. “Design Concept Denmark contacted us with an inquiry into whether we would sell our business. Actually, it was not a difficult decision, as we consider Design Concept Denmark the right company to take our brand further. We have known about Andersen Furniture for many years, and we therefore know that they can continue our work in the right spirit. The contract products from Andersen Furniture match ours very well, and we therefore see great potential for the two brands to complement each other. Our staff will be part of a local company, and both Lars and I will continue at Design Concept Denmark, where we will focus on running Randers+Radius within the new setup,” concludes the current Sales Director and owner Niels Kastrup.

Three brands with their own expression and style
Design Concept Denmark’s now three brands will continue to be run as side-by-side brands, each with their own expression and style. Nevertheless, there will be a strong focus on exploiting the synergies between the three brands.
Since the acquisition of Muubs, we have learned that there is an excellent opportunity to create sales synergies between brands. We are therefore looking forward to having another brand under our umbrella, which will accompany us on our growth journey. We now have three strong brands that have different focus areas, but complement each other well. We are delighted to have had the opportunity to acquire Randers+Radius and take the brand further, as well as to meet new colleagues, customers and partners,” says Poul Frandsen, CEO of Design Concept Denmark.

Niels Kastrup and Lars Andersen will, together with the other staff from Randers+Radius, continue at Design Concept Denmark.
With the acquisition of Randers+Radius, Design Concept Denmark expects a turnover of around DKK 200 million in 2023.


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