About Design Concept Denmark


Design Concept Denmark consists of the three brands: Andersen Furniture, Muubs and Randers+Radius. The three brands operate as independent and parallel brands, each with its own expression and style.


Our aim is to be a recognised design house in Scandinavia by offering relevant and contemporary designs rooted in our brands.

We want to create products that, based on design, functionality and quality, create value for our partners.


At Design Concept Denmark, we are aware of the impact of our actions, and we take the environment seriously. We strive to ensure sustainability in every process of our production.

Our products are designed to last for generations. The design and quality of our products ensure they have a long life.


Explore the two other brands and their universe here: - www.muubs.com - www.randersradius.dk


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Andersen Furniture A/S | Zeta 1 | DK-8382 Hinnerup | Tel. + 45 86 20 80 40 | E-mail: Info@andersen-furniture.dk