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T7 is designed by Ditlev Karsten and is a neo-classic and beautiful dining table. The foundation of the table is crafted in solid oak, where it is possible to choose between various treatments such as white-pigmented oil, natural oil, or soap treatment for the beautiful frame. The tabletop, also made of solid oak, is offered in the same treatment options as the frame. As a nice detail, there are 2 chrome brackets under the table, providing extra support and stability to the table.


The T7 table is available in the standard version with dimensions of 95x220 cm and the option for 4 extension leaves, allowing the table to extend up to 420 cm in length. Additionally, the table is also available with a practical and durable laminate tabletop, where it is also possible to add up to 4 extension leaves. This makes the table extremely flexible, allowing you to customize it according to your needs at any given time.


The table is easily pulled apart by 2 people, each grabbing an end and pulling it apart. Then the extension leaves are easily mounted on the pull-out, after which the table can be easily pushed back together. Now with space for more people.


T7 is a table that lets its simplicity and soft forms speak for themselves. Besides being functional, the table will also serve as a decorative element in the house. The nice chrome brackets complement the soft forms of the frame and create a beautiful contrast.


Seats 6-8 people without extension leaves

Seats 14-16 people with 4 extension leaves

Oak oil
Oak soap
Oak whiteoil
L 220 × W 95 × H 72,5 cm

Product highlights

Elegant, neo-classical design

The T7 table is designed by Ditlev Karsten

Smart chrome brackets under the table

Easily extended by two people

Up to four extension leaves

T7 maximum table length 420 cm