A2 Andersen Modular Sofa

Design: Andersen Furniture

Product information


The Sofa brings a modern perspective to the typology, allowing for its user to customize the sofa for their needs. The A2 Modular Sofa comes in four different modules and can be upholstered with Kvadrat textiles. The sofa is designed with long, elegant lines and with beautiful details as the stitchings that creates a modern exclusive look. Choose between 90° corner or round coner for a more relaxed look. The A2 Modular Sofa can be used for a deep, modern comfort in any home, workplace, lounge area or hospitality setting.



The A2 Modular Sofa comes in four different modules:

Straight modular: 55x90xH78 / SH46 cm

Round corner modular: 90x90xH78 / SH46 cm

90 gr. Corner modular: 90x90xH78 / SH46 cm

Pouf: 55x90xH46 / SH46 cm

See the sizes and modules here


The sofa contains differentiated foam which ensures the highest possible sitting comfort.

The A2 Modular sofa can be upholstery with Kvadrat textiles, allowing you to determine the look of your sofa.

You also have the option of combining the sofa with a comfortable and classic pouf.

The round modules shown with a flag on the table is with the textiles, Canvas 2, 764. 

 The sofa modules in a light brown color is with textiles Canvas 2, 764. 

about the designer

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