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A-Organizer 1 is nominated for Design Favorites 2024

We are happy and proud to announce that our A-Organizer 1 has been nominated for BO BEDRE and Bolig Magasinets Design Favorites 2024. A-Organizer shelf is designed by Charlotte Høncke and is a modern and contemporary interpretation of the classic Copenhagen shelf.

A-Organizer 1 is nominated in the category of "storage".

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We have gathered all our contract and professionals furniture and design interior to make it as easy for you as possible.

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Get inspired with the new furniture lookbook

At Andersen, we believe in curiosity, innovation and talent. With passion, we design contemporary furniture and interiors for modern homes.

Andersen Furniture lookbook


We have created a collection of simple and aesthetic designs combined with functional storage solutions that bring order and harmony to your home. The collection is inspired by timeless elements and designed to suit a modern lifestyle, which makes the collection fit into any space and offers various options for personal decoration as well as storing and organizing your belongings, beautifully integrated in your home.

Let yourself be inspired to create a sanctuary in your home, with space for creativity and personality, where you can organize, reflect, and find peace.

AW23 collection


A beautiful classic table made of solid wood. Crafted to a high standard, the table showcases true craftsmanship. Meticulous finish and timber processing produce a table that is easy to maintain.

The standard Classic oval table comes with three extension leaves, but is also available with up to 8 extra leaves to meet your needs. A table this flexible can seat up to 26 people!

No matter what size of table you’re looking for, oval or circular, the Classic range gives you a durable and stylish table that is perfect for every occasion.

ANDERSEN CLASSIC 255-265 Extension TABLE – Oval


The AC2 is yet another stunning design classic from byKATO. The chair has a minimalistic and honest design, with subtle details and sleek lines that emanate style and elegance.

With the AC2 chair comes a wide range of options to add an expression that harmonizes with various modern home interiors and professional environments.

The AC2 with upholstered seat is perfect for your dining table or at a meeting room as well as canteen.


Meet the designers behind the products

At Andersen Furniture, we are proud of our design collaborations with award winning architects and creative and great designers.

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