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Created to last for generations

We are aware of the impact of our actions and systematically work to improve our impact on the climate and environment. We manufacture furniture and interior that in all its simplicity fulfils several functions by virtue of materials, configuration and structure, and the idea behind each piece of furniture focuses on optimizing materials in terms of function, the environment and finance.

In each process of our production, we strive to ensure sustainability. We aim for a greener world while ensuring the best possible conditions for both employees and the environment. Our focus is to find a healthy balance between work environment, social responsibility, and environmentally friendly production.

Our products are designed to last for generations, and with honest and uncompromising materials, ensure our products are created to have a long life.

Our production

The majority of products from Design Concept Denmark are produced in Europe, with a significant proportion produced in Denmark. In addition, we have a wide range of partners who, like us, are committed to strong values. This is a reverent approach to community spirit and global responsibility and Design Concept Denmark are thrilled to be a part of it.

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Andersen Furniture is part of Design Concept Denmark, that is a FSC®-certified company. Our first FSC®-certified collection is the chair collection Scope that consists of six models, all of which are certified.

Why have we decided to become FSC®-certified?

We all have a responsibility to use nature’s resources with care and respect and to leave nature in the best possible condition for future generations. As a company, we have a special responsibility. It certainly takes time and costs money to think sustainably, but, in our opinion, we can’t afford not to.

As a furniture manufacturer, we use various materials in our production, of which wood is a key one. Until now, we have used wood that was FSC®-certified through our supplier, but after becoming part of Design Concept Denmark, we have chosen to take the full step and become FSC®-certified ourselves.

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The Mood100% chair collection, designed by Hans Thyge & Co, is certified with the EU Ecolabel and the black shell is made of 100% upcycled polypropylene plastic sourced from industry waste. This certificate is your guarantee that every single part, right from seat and frame to glue, fabric, foam and screws have been tested and approved to meet the most stringent environmental requirements.

The strict requirements ensure a sustainable product with minimal environmental impact. A total of 18 chair models in the Mood collection are certified with the EU Ecolabel.

List of chairs with EU Ecolabel


Furniture design is about thinking beyond form and function. When you buy a Mood chair or Tono chair, you get excellent seating comfort and good acoustics while also contributing to the recycling of plastic for the benefit of the environment.

For the Mood chair, the black plastic shell is made from recycled industrial plastic, such as defective plastic pallets which are collected, cleaned and then transformed into new plastic. For the Tono chair, the shell is made of felt from recycled PET bottles. When you buy one Tono chair, you help to recycle 250 plastic bottles.

Mood and Tono’s circular life cycle challenges the use-and-throw-away culture in favour of the environment and the economy.

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We contribute to the planting of new trees. In 2021, we purchased 8,000 trees to be planted in both India and Denmark. The planting is carried out in collaboration with reputable partners, and the specific coordinates of where the trees are planted are recorded. Trees absorb CO2, which is beneficial for our ecosystem and helps in the fight against global warming. When trees are planted, it helps, among other things, to improve air quality, climate conditions, and enhance wildlife and insect habitats.

Trees absorb CO2, especially as they grow. In fact, trees can store carbon for several hundred years when used in construction or furniture.

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Based on current legislation, we are working to ensure that our development is sustainable and that we minimize our impact on the environment.

At Design Concept Denmark, we also focus on sorting our waste. We have specific containers for cardboard and paper, and we also handle plastic separately, so that it can be turned into new materials.

We expect to produce 50,000 kWh annually, and by 2023, approximately 2/3 of our electricity consumption has been covered by our solar panel system. On a good summer’s day, we will produce more than we consume, and we have thus entered into an agreement to purchase surplus electricity production.

We demand the same of our suppliers as we demand of ourselves, and our employees undergo regular training so that they are familiar with our environmental policy to ensure its implementation in their day-to-day work.

Read more about our approach to the environment

Read more about our approach to the environment