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Created to last for generations

At Andersen Furniture, we are aware of the impact of our actions and we take the environment seriously. We strive to ensure sustainability in every process of our production. We strive for a greener world while ensuring the best possible conditions for both employees and the environment.

Our focus is to find a healthy balance between a good working environment, social responsibility and environmentally friendly production.

Our products are designed to last for generations. The design and quality of our products ensure they have a long life.


Andersen Furniture is part of Design Concept Denmark, that is a FSC-certified company.


Why have we decided to become FSC-certified?
We all have a responsibility to use nature’s resources with care and respect and to leave nature in the best possible condition for future generations. As a company, we have a special responsibility. It certainly takes time and costs money to think sustainably, but, in our opinion, we can’t afford not to.

As a furniture manufacturer, we use various materials in our production, of which wood is a key one. Until now, we have used wood that was FSC-certified through our supplier, but after becoming part of Design Concept Denmark, we have chosen to take the full step and become FSC-certified ourselves.

FSC is an international control and traceability system that helps us ensure and document that the wood we use comes from sustainable forestry. This means, among other things, that no more wood is felled than the forest itself can  reproduce, that the forest’s biodiversity is maintained and that local communities and employees in the forest are ensured health, education and proper working conditions.

Forests are important for the climate too, as trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere. The FSC label is thus your guarantee that the wood is sustainable and can be traced back to the forest in which it was felled. You always have the option to check for yourself whether a company or a product is FSC-certified by searching the Global FSC Certificate Database.

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At Andersen Furniture, we contributed to the planting of more than 8,000 trees in India and Denmark in 2021. Planting is in cooperation with serious partners, and the specific coordinates of the areas where the trees are planted are recorded.

Trees absorb CO2, which is good for our ecosystem and good in the fight against global warming. Among other things, planting trees helps to clean the air, improve the climate, and support animal and insect life.

Trees absorb CO2, especially when they grow. In fact, wood can store carbon for hundreds of years when used for buildings or furniture.

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The effort to sort waste is certainly not wasted. It has made it possible for us to produce Andersen’s popular AC3 chair in a sustainable version. For the AC3 chair from Andersen, the plastic part is made from recycled industrial plastic, such as defective plastic pallets which are collected, cleaned and then transformed into new plastic.



Denmark is among the leading countries when it comes to waste management. This means that, at Design Concept Denmark, we also focus on sorting our waste. We have specific containers for cardboard and paper, and we also handle plastic separately, so that it can be turned into new materials.

Solar panel system
As a company, we have an obligation to think in terms of green technology, and in 2022 we are harnessing the sun’s rays to generate power for our production and administration. We expect to be able to produce 50,000 kWh annually, which corresponds to approx. 60% of our consumption.

On a good summer’s day, we will produce more than we consume, and we have thus entered into an agreement with Jysk Energi to purchase surplus electricity production.

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