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EVV (Elizabeth Vinzenz Verbund) BERLIN

Elisabeth Vinzenz Verbund (EVV) is an association of hospitals and care facilities, and their newly opened office covering nearly 1,000 m2 functions as a dynamic co-working environment for employees. The office offers modern conference and meeting rooms, as well as individual workstations that ensure maximum flexibility. With its headquarters located in the Tempelhof district of Berlin, the company employs approximately 28,000 staff members.


A bright and visionary office design

The office is designed as an attractive co-working and office environment that accommodates both focused work and serves as a meeting place for conferences and events. With a clear vision of creating a collective office, the interior also includes glass walls and curtain systems that provide ample natural light and offer informal workspaces that can adapt to evolving work situations.


Maximum flexibility in a homely setting

With the desire for maximum flexibility in a well-furnished domestic office environment, Andersen Furniture has contributed a range of furniture to the furnishing of the entire office, which has been chosen for their ability to adapt to the surroundings.

In the EVV Berlin project, the T1 meeting table effortlessly combines with AC2 chairs and B2 benches to create an informal atmosphere. The AC2 chair, with its upholstered leather seat, is a natural choice for workspaces, as its simple design is based on the body's natural postures, providing optimal seating comfort. The A3 sofas allow employees to sit comfortably and in a defined space at multiple locations throughout the office. Round AD1 meeting tables in the conference rooms foster a social ambiance and ensure that all participants can be seen during meetings.



EVV Berlin
Berlin, Germany
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