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Complaint policy

  • We aim to ensure that complaints are handled as efficiently as possible, providing customers with a fair and positive experience.
  • Complaints are only accepted through our authorized dealers.
  • It is the responsibility of the dealer to inspect complaints, possibly in collaboration with representatives from Design Concept Denmark.
  • Customer-reported complaints will receive acknowledgment within 36 hours.
  • An approved or rejected complaint will be fully processed within 10 business days.
  • In the case of rejected complaints, we will always attempt to find an alternative satisfactory solution for the customer.



  • We provide a 2-year warranty for faults or defects in both furniture and accessories.
  • The warranty does not cover instances where the applicable product guidelines have not been followed, as well as general wear and tear, impact, or similar incidents.


Transportation damages

  • In case of transportation damages or suspicions thereof, this must be immediately reported in writing to the carrier or noted on the freight document. We always recommend thorough inspection of the packaging upon receipt of goods. The sender does not assume responsibility for transportation damages reported late according to the carrier's conditions.
  • For non-visible damages to the packaging, any transportation damage must be reported within 7 days after receipt of the goods. If a product has been further transported, any coverage for non-visible damages is void.
  • For eligible returned complaints, Design Concept Denmark covers the transportation costs. If the complaint is deemed ineligible, the transportation costs are covered by the dealer.


Processing of complaints

  • Complaints are handled by
  • For our complaint handling, please provide the reason, pictures, and preferably supplement with an order slip or invoice.
  • Design Concept Denmark does not accept goods without prior agreement. When returning a product, it should be properly packaged, and Design Concept Denmark does not assume responsibility for transportation damages caused by inadequate packaging.
  • Any missing number of packages or shipping containers must be reported within 7 days after receipt of the goods. Failure to do so releases us from our liability.
  • Handmade or painted products may exhibit variations but are not eligible for complaints as they possess their unique and raw appearance.
  • Quality and shade differences in backings and shelves compared to visual aspects are not subject to complaints.
  • In cases of transportation damages or product faults, we will attempt to recover costs from the involved partners to the fullest extent possible.
  • In the case of rejected complaints, a copy of the email is forwarded to the customer's responsible salesperson.



  • If repeated and identical faults are observed, preventive measures will be taken, such as contacting partners or revising/adapting process descriptions.


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