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Laminate surfaces

Daily care:

Spray laminate cleaner directly onto the surface, and then leave for a few minutes. Then wipe with a damp cloth, before wiping again with a clean, dry cloth.
For particularly dirty surfaces, repeat the above treatment.

High-pressure laminate is extremely robust and requires no special maintenance. With general use, it is easy to keep clean. Regular cleaning using laminate cleaner is generally sufficient to keep the surface nice and clean.

• Laminate does not tolerate hot objects such as pots and pans, tea lights etc.
• Use the mildest, gentlest cleaning products as possible.
• Never use abrasive cleaners such as scouring powder and steel wool.
• Wax, polish etc., which can seal in the dirt, must not be used.
• When using a cleaner other than laminate cleaner, wash the surface with warm water afterwards.