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Andersen Space Table with AC2 chair

Linoleum surfaces

Daily care:

Wipe with a damp, lint-free cloth and, if necessary, use a cleaning agent with a neutral pH value.

We recommend you to treat the surface with a linoleum care product a couple of times a a month to make the surface resistant. Linoleum care is ideal for care and disinfection.

Linoleum has a warm, slightly elastic surface, which makes it pleasant to the touch. The matt finish adds a touch of luxury and elegance. Thanks to the water-based surface the material retains its attractive, silk-matt surface.

Linoleum is manufactured using natural material: Linseed oil, resin, wood dust and environmentally friendly coloured pigments. The natural character lends any design an unbeatably stylish touch and is also a great choice in terms of both indoor climate and nature. Just like solid wood, the material acquires a beautiful patina.

In some cases the linoleum surface acquires a yellowish film. This is known as “seasoning bloom” or “drying room film” and will disappear when the surface is exposed to light, and will not return again.