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Maintainence of wool rugs

The Flow rug is made of high-quality wool in collaboration with Danish Ege Carpets, who have created a detailed help guide below.

Basics about stains:

Stains usually occur either from spills or from contamination from the soles of the feet. The stains should be removed immediately.

The first time a cleaning or stain remover is used on a carpet, it is checked whether the agent is harmful to the carpet. Damage can occur as a result of color transfer, discolouration, bleaching or dissolution. Always test an area like a small stamp to see how the carpet and stain react to the treatment.

IMPORTANT Always work the stain from the outer edge towards the center of the rug.

Ege Carpets stain guide:


1. Remove loose dirt
In the case of fresh stains, loose residues are first removed, and spilled liquid is soaked up with a dry cloth or paper towel without colour. You should not rub, but dab the stain away. Dried or concentrated stains are treated with a brush and vacuum cleaner.

2. Dissolve with warm water

Lukewarm water - without soap, washing powder, washing-up liquid or the like - is the next step. Gently dab the area with a wet cloth, then absorb as much of the moisture as possible by dabbing with a dry cloth.

3. Use carpet stain remover

If water does not dissolve the stain, proceed with a universal stain remover. To prevent the stain from spreading or being pressed deeper into the carpet, the stain remover must be removed again by dabbing.

4. Use special and professional products 

If none of the first three steps of "first aid" work, treatment with special products is required. Find more answers to stain removal at Ege Carpets below or ask your local carpet dealer or store for guidance and products.


Find more about stain removal on Ege Carpets website here