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The series is made of FSC® certified Acacia wood in an elegant herringbone pattern, that show the beautiful colors and structures of the wood. The natural and beautiful herringbone pattern gives the board an unique expression and adds warmth and glow to your table setting.

On the backside of the board, there is an indentation, so the board can be grabbed easily and moved. Use the carving board for serving a delicious tapas or to cut the roast.

The ARC series consist of ARC carvingboard medium, ARC carvingboard large and ARC butterboards.

Our license code is FSC® C179136.

L 12 × W 18 × H 1,5 cm - ARC buttering board (2 pieces)
L 24 × W 40 × H 2,5 cm - ARC carvingboard medium
L 27 × W 50 × H 2,5 cm - ARC carvingboard large


We recommend that you treat the board with non-color food oil before use. This protects the wood and makes it more resistant towards stains. It will also help the wood to maintain its glow. You can regularly treat the board with oil to give it the best treatment. Please be aware that the fibers from the wood can raise after use. This is natural, but you can remove this by grinding with sandpaper 240 or higher.

The board must be washed by hand and is not suitable for dishwasher.