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Decorative Trays

Create Me Tray is a decorative tray that combines Scandinavian design with an exclusive expression. The tray’s rounded corners and natural material soften the hard surfaces, adding warmth and character to the decor. The tray is available in painted black or light solid oak and can be used in many different rooms for both storage and decoration.

Use the tray in the living room with candles or in the kitchen under a salt and pepper set. The tray can also be used for jewelry or accessories in the bedroom.

The tray can be used alone or together with matching wooden boxes from the same series, which allows for storage in a decorative way. Create Me Tray is part of the Create Me series, which consists of exciting and decorative wooden boxes, trays, and candle holders.

W 12 × H 24 cm
W 24 × H 24 cm
W 24 × H 36 cm