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The architects at raumkontor have, in collaboration with the German IT company Adesso, designed and furnished new co-working areas at Adesso's offices in Berlin and Munich. The offices contain both meeting rooms, cafeterias and lounge areas, all of which have a colorful identity that activates creativity – and of course function as well-coordinated work areas for the employees at Adesso.


A lively interior

The interior design at Adesso is inspired by a relaxed atmosphere and designed to promote agile collaboration and creativity among employees, through a colorful combination between surfaces and materials. The colorful decor is a strong contrast to the rustic building, which has been deliberately left raw. The many work areas are structured in the premises, which creates a wide range of possibilities that can be simply and easily adapted to continuous and changing work groups.


Functionality and flexibility

Consistently for the furnishing of the offices at Adesso, the communicative T8 table is chosen for both workstations and canteen tables. The T8 table was chosen because of the organic design language that allows everyone to see each other and has been made with colors to create a colorful environment for the employees.

The AD1 tables are made in different shapes, sizes and colours. The AD1 tables are placed in the lounge areas at different heights, while the AD1 table in the meeting rooms is larger and chosen due to its flexible properties. The AD1 table adapts to its surroundings and does not take unwanted focus - especially not in the colorful environment at Adesso.


Berlin & München, Germany
Office + Meeting room + Canteen + Lounge area