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Nestlé Nordic

Nestlé is a global food company, known for a wide range of products, including the coffee brands Nescafé and Nespresso. In 2024, the company's 3000 m2 Scandinavian headquarters, located in Ørestad, Copenhagen, underwent a stunning transformation and has now become a modern office space conducive to both focus and interaction.

Behind the project are interior architects and designers Maria Juul Løhde from WINK Spatial and Laura Scheuer Trøstrup from The Sweet Spot. Their interior design creates a modular, playful, and informal framework for the company's over 300 employees, fulfilling both individual needs and providing a flexible environment for a professional workplace.

The balance between homeliness and professionalism

With the ambition of making the workplace feel like home, the office environment is designed to embrace human interaction while remaining highly professional and adapting the company's needs. The design combines elements from hotel lounges with subtle details, playful wow moments, functional design elements, and recognizable references in a modern interpretation, as well as flexible work areas.

Grip Tables in Meeting Rooms

The design includes both recycled and new Grip meeting tables by Designer Troels Grum-Schwensen, known for their simple design that offers great flexibility and can be matched with many different types of chairs. The long span and the placement of the table legs also contribute to increased flexibility in the room.

"In a time where sustainability is a central factor, Grip meeting table is fantastic to work with. In the project, it allowed us to reuse both table tops and frames from the client's previous office. In some places, we simply added extra tops/frames, while in other places, we removed a top, depending on the size and needs of the room," says designer Maria Juul Løhde.

Read more about the Grip meeting Table by Troels Grum-Schwensen here


Nestlé Nordic
Ørestad, Denmark
Grip meeting table
Maria Juul Løhde / WINK og Laura Scheuer Trøstrup / The Sweet Spot
Bjarni B Jacobsen