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Restaurant Le Pavillon

The vision of the interior design concept for the staff restaurant "Le Pavillon" revolves around placing guests in the spotlight, recognizing their role in fostering a dynamic and energetic ambiance. The restaurant was inaugurated in 2023 and today operates as a dynamic space that evolves throughout the day in line with the guests' needs.

The project was crafted by the interior architects of Atelier 10punkt3, who designed and realized a unique experience in the new restaurant in Bern, Switzerland, run by the ZFV Business Cooperative. The restaurant has been renovated and restructured to meet the changing demands and needs of the company's staff.

A Vibrant Meeting Place

Being a vibrant hub of activity, the new interior concept in "Le Pavillon" " adds renewed, playful elements to the existing architecture and emphasizes colorful contrasts. The purpose is to create an attractive and atmospherically enhanced environment for the company's employees, serving as a flexible platform for the restaurant's modern gastronomic approach.

The interior design is tailored to accommodate the restaurant's dynamic positioning, ranging from an inviting breakfast bar and lunch restaurant to a creative meeting place that provides the basis for many hours of independent and flexible work. The cooking takes place in front of guests, providing an exciting glimpse behind the scenes.

The interior design includes 36 Scope chairs from Andersen Furniture, including the Scope Chair, Scope Lounge, and Scope Bar, upholstered with Sosa By Sahco 007 and 008 from Kvadrat, complementing the atmosphere of the restaurant. The Scope chairs were chosen for the project due to its elegant, modern, and slim design, adding an element of lightness to the space.

With the vision of creating inspiring and creative interior concepts, Atelier 10punkt3 has carried out both the design and construction process from start to finish.


ZFV Business Cooperative (ZFV)
Bern, Switzerland
Scope Chair, Scope Lounge, Scope Bar
Atelier 10punkt3
Phil Wenger Photography