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Ventum Consulting Group

Ventum Consulting is a global IT consultancy firm with 170 employees worldwide, offering a wide range of services that integrate business and IT. The company focuses on assisting its clients in implementing digital, agile, and interconnected work structures, a focus that is reflected in the design of their headquarters.


A flexible and activity-based work environment

The headquarters in Munich is designed in collaboration with interior consultants from Combine with the purpose of creating a modern, activity-based work environment. This environment is crafted to promote both physical and digital interaction and to foster a sense of belonging in the office. Ventum had the ambition to unite two separate offices and bring their employees under one roof. The design is tailored to accommodate various activities and needs, from digital presentations and collaboration to focused office work, resulting in customized solutions with high functionality.


Today, Ventum Consulting boasts a modern, flexible work environment that effectively supports the needs and activities of its employees, offering an appealing space for various tasks in line with the requirements of modern, independent, and flexible work. The furnishings at Ventum include a variety of furniture pieces, including the award-winning T8 conference table complemented by AC2 chairs in the meeting room. Additionally, AD1 and HT1 high tables, along with HC1 barstools, provide functional and flexible workspaces throughout different parts of the office layout.


Ventum Consulting Group
München, Germany