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Makes organizing and sorting easy and exciting

A-Organizer Shelf is a series of practical and versatile shelves that make organizing and sorting easy and exciting. The shelf will fit in every room at home wherever storage is needed.

A-Organizer Shelf is designed by Charlotte Høncke and is a modern and contemporary interpretation of the classic Copenhagen shelf, which characterized many small homes years ago, where space was tight. The A-Organizer shelf is designed in a Scandinavian style with a clean, simple and classic look.

The shelf holds four large glass jugs that function as drawers with plenty of space for storage and are suitable for sorting in all rooms. It can be in the kitchen for storing dry goods or spices, or in the office for storing buttons and sewing thread.

The shelf is available in two versions, and the shelf is attached to the wall with a suspension list so that the screw is invisible when hanging on the wall. An elegant brass logo is mounted on the right side of the shelf.

The shelf is made of oak and treated with a white pigmented lacquer, which makes the shelf easy to clean.

Max. Weight: 3 kg
The glass jugs measure: 1350 ml and 125 ml


Oak white matt lacquer
L 17 × W 52 × H 18 cm - shelf 1 - 4 glass drawers
L 17 × W 52 × H 18 cm - Shelf 2 - 10 glass drawers
Assembly guide