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Simple construction, clear quality and honest expression

A-Podium Shelf is a classic shelf, defined by its robust simplicity and classic look in solid oak. The A-Podium Shelf is a versatile piece of furniture and an aesthetic storage solution created to showcase your personal finds or favorite items.

The A-Podium Shelf is designed by Charlotte Høncke, and the simple design makes room for the shelf's simple construction, clear quality and honest expression, which will be reflected wherever the shelf is hung in the home.

The natural oak adds warmth and elegance to the interior. The shelf is ideal in the kitchen and dining room for storing beautiful coffee cups and small bowls, or in the home office for your office essentials.

An elegant brass logo is mounted in the right corner. A keyhole bracket is mounted on the back, which ensures that the shelf can hang stably and securely on the wall.

Max. Weight: 5 kg

Measurement/height on the space between the shelves (starten from the top):

  • Shelf 1 (the top shelf): H12 cm
  • Shelf 2: H12 cm
  • Shelf 3: H16 cm
  • Shelf 4: H20 cm
Oak white matt lacquer
L 10 × W 52 × H 70 cm
Assembly guide