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For decoration and fun

The Vikings of Denmark are perfect for decorating any home. The sleek lines that characterise Jacob Jensen’s creations are clearly visible in these figurines. With their three sizes, the Vikings contrast well with each other and celebrate the diversity that existed then and still exists today.

However, the series is not just for decoration. The wooden figurines’ heads and weapons can be disassembled and reassembled in different ways or can be spread out on the battlefield, ready to encourage imagination and play. This way, The Vikings of Denmark, who have brought joy to many homes for generations, have been revived and are ready to fight new battles. The boxes have been kept in the original style, illustrating Viking longships, so they can be included in play too.

Stained beech
L 5,5 × W 5 × H 10 cm - Small
L 4,5 × W 5,5 × H 9,5 cm - Medium
L 5 × W 6 × H 13,5 cm - Large
cm - Set of 3