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More than a lantern

The Square Lanterns is an elegant and modern indoor lantern in solid oak and glass that comes in two sizes: Tall and small.

The Square Lanterns are designed by Rakel Villesen who has graduated as industrial designer from the acknowledged Design School in Kolding. With her passion for sustainability and functionality, Rakel has focused on creating a usable beautiful design in a sustainable material with multiple functions.

Rakel has found her inspiration in the characteristic shape and handle of the classic transistor radio. This has resulted in the beautiful combination of the light oak, the straight glass fronts and the black handle on top.

The Square Lanterns has several functions besides the classic function with a candle or the seasonal flowers in a small vase inside to create a cozy atmosphere. Square can also be used as a memory box, where you can place your memories or your treasures from the beach on display.

You can also use Square as a beautiful hostess gift or a present for a reception with wine or delicious sweets inside.

W 20x12x28 cm - Small
W 12x12x40 cm - Tall