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Modern interpretation of the well-known Amager-shelf

A-Shelf is a modern reinterpretation of the well-known Danish Amager shelf. The A-Shelf provides the opportunity to display family memories, giving the interior a personal detail.

A-Shelf can also be mounted on the wall in different directions, which creates innovation and creativity in the interior design. By combining several A-Shelves, a personal and unique wall is created with space for storage and decoration.

The shelf comes in two versions: a dark smoked in solid ash and a light version in solid oak and oak with natured oil.

The beautiful dark color gives the room a warm, modern and contrasting look. Through the smoked surface, you can feel the natural veins in the wood, which gives a beautiful play on the shelf.

A-Shelf is also made with keyhole fittings on the back so that it hangs stably, and the screw cannot be seen.

Max. Weight: 10 kg


Ash smoked oil
Oak oil
L 9 × W 46 × H 52 cm - Medium
L 12 × W 67 × H 78 cm - Large
Assembly guide